Tailoring Three-Dimensional Topological Codes for Biased Noise [PDF]

Eric Huang & Arthur Pesah, Christopher T. Chubb, Michael Vasmer, Arpit Dua

arXiv:2111.03935, 2022

Noise-Assisted Variational Quantum Thermalization [PDF]

Jonathan Foldager, Arthur Pesah and Lars Kai Hansen

Nature Scientific Report, 2021

arXiv:2111.03935, 2021

Absence of Barren Plateaus in Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks [PDF]

Arthur Pesah, Marco Cerezo, Samson Wang, Tyler Volkoff, Andrew T. Sornborger and Patrick J. Coles

Physical Review X (PRX), 2021


Quantum Machine Learning in High Energy Physics [PDF]

Wen Guan, Gabriel Perdue, Arthur Pesah, Maria Schuld, Koji Terashi, Sofia Vallecorsa and Jean-Roch Vlimant

Machine Learning: Science and Technology, 2020


Recurrent Machines for Likelihood-Free Inference [PDF] [Code]

Arthur Pesah, Antoine Wehenkel and Gilles Louppe

2nd Workshop on Meta-Learning at NeurIPS 2018


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