Other writings


Introduction to adiabatic quantum computing [PDF]

Arthur Pesah

Report for a quantum computing course, 2021

Quantum algorithms for solving differential equations [PDF]

Arthur Pesah

MRes Case Study Report, 2021

Classification of topological phases of matter [PDF]

Arthur Pesah

MRes Case Study Report, 2021

Decoders for topological quantum error correction [PDF]

Arthur Pesah

MRes Case Study Report, 2020

Master and bachelor theses

Tailoring 3D topological codes and decoders to biased noise [PDF]

Arthur Pesah (Supervisor: Dan Browne)

Master’s thesis (UCL), 2021

Learning quantum state properties with quantum and classical neural networks [PDF] [Code]

Arthur Pesah (Supervisors: Peter Wittek and Nathan Killoran)

Master’s Thesis (KTH), 2019

Analytical model of impedance in elliptical beam pipes [PDF]

Arthur Pesah (Supervisors: Benoît Salvant, Nicolo Biancacci and Mauro Migliorati)

CERN Summer Programme Report, 2017

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